Ramey for West Virginia

Roy Ramey is a proud husband and father, small farmer and retired Army officer of 33 years service.  He practices regenerative livestock and forest farming as well as agro-education.

Ramey believes there are entirely too many regulations at both the state and federal levels.  These onerous regulations only benefit massive industrial scale corporations and hurt small local farmers in WV.  Government spending is out of control and unsustainable.  WV has lost over 1200 farms in the past 6 years under the current administration. 

Ramey is a constitutional conservative.  As an elected official, he will first uphold the constitution to protect your inhearant individual natural rights as he did during his decades of military service.  He will do what’s best for the people and farmers of WV first above the financial interests of Washington, foreign nationalists and industrialists.

He will aggressively and drastically reduce onerous regulations in several ways.  First, by changing department policies which limit administrative help to farmers.  Also by providing legislative liaison to the WV Legislature as well as US Congress to change laws which stifle innovation and free choice in healthy food options.  And finally, where existing laws and regulations are unconstitutional, Ramey will simply stand against and refuse to adhere to them.

Ramey will promote small farming that is both regenerative and profitable in WV.  He will place an emphasis for marketing WV farmers and production facilities. 

He will emphasize education in agriculture throughout WV, including using WVDA State Farms as a demonstration site based on regenerative practices with low cost infrastructure, conducting educational workshops to share those principles and practices.  He will support youth education through FFA and 4H as well as general classes.

Ramey will use a common sense approach to keep the environment clean while still increasing agriculture in WV.  First, he will prohibit the use of dangerous herbicides and pesticides on WVDA State Farms as an example to others, as he does on his own farm.  Second, will remediate and reclaim abandoned mines to transform into available and clean farm land for more WVian farmers to have access. 

– Increase small farms in general
– Increase meat processing facilities
– Reclaim abandoned mines for future farms
– Demonstration sites based on Polyface Farms example
– Expand education of local, regenerative and profitable agriculture
– Reduce cost of government spending
– Defend and expand free market enterprise
– Defend health freedom through food and medicine access
– Allow farm fresh dairy
– Expand forest farming access, including maple syrup and ginseng